Weather 1, ‘Fifi’ 0

The plan was for the CAF’s ‘Fifi’, the world’s only flying B-29, to fly from Phoenix (where it spent the weekend) to Camarillo today.

Aren’t plans wonderful? Do you hear the gods laughing?

IMG_7382Since airlines were grounding their modern, new, advance tech commercial jets in Phoenix this morning, it didn’t seem wise to try to take off in an irreplaceable 70-year-old WWII bomber. Aside from all of those CAF rules and all of that, there’s common sense to consider.

IMG_7383Even if Phoenix had been clear, they would have had to somehow get through all of these dark green and yellow and pink splotches to get to the big blue dot on the far left. Again, flying anything into a thunderstorm is contraindicated, and it’s contraindicated^10 for B-29s. (I think it’s phrased exactly that way in the original B-29 user’s manual.)

IMG_7385Meanwhile, about the time that we were expecting ‘Fifi’ in Camarillo, the clouds were broken directly overhead, but getting darker.

IMG_7391Two hours later it was still ugly over the mountains and getting worse, with that blotch at the bottom heading for us with hail, strong winds, and heavy rain. (Google for pictures of the pier in Huntington Beach covered in hail today, covered to the point where it looks like they got a couple inches of snow.) There were also some heavy rains back over our house.

IMG_7396Looking off toward all of those big, dark green blotches, it was again not a good sky to be flying through.

Discretion being the better part of valor, ‘Fifi’ and her crew stayed in Phoenix and will come out to Camarillo tomorrow. The forecast for the whole area looks beautiful. It will be great to see ‘Fifi’ flying in again with some of our fighters providing the escort.

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