‘Fifi’ Panoramas

Out on our (“our” = Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing at Camarillo Airport) ramp this evening:


This picture is the “serious” version. From left to right:

  • The tip of the tail of our SNJ4
  • The tip of the tail of our PBJ (Marine Corp version of the B-25)
  • Our SNJ5, the yellow plane)
  • “Fifi,” the honkin’ big, silver, four-engine B-29 Stratofortress
  • “Bucket Of Bolts,” a C-45 Expeditor, the military version of the Beech 18 (brown with yellow wings)
  • “China Doll,” our C-46 Commando
  • The B-29 Squadron’s setup for selling rides, hats, T-shirts, patches, toys, and so on

[[LATE EDIT — Remember, click on any picture to see the full-sized version]]

Now for the “not-so-serious” version:


When you take a panorama photo on the iPhone, you pan left to right with a little arrow following a yellow line to make sure that you keep the camera level and the panorama looking all professional. I was wondering what happens when you ignore the little arrow and the yellow line…

This looks like something fun to play with in the near future.


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