Really Weird Cars

It’s been said (well, I say it a lot) that if you spend enough time on the Los Angeles freeways you’ll see just about anything.

I’m not talking about Teslas, for example. True, you’ll see more here in a day than you might see in a year in Dallas or Miami, or even New York City. In fact, just about every kind of exotic car you’ll see sooner or later.

That doesn’t even begin to talk about what you see people doing while they’re supposed to be driving. Texting is small potatoes around here. We’re talking about reading a newspaper or book or a script (I’ve seen lots of scripts being read at “maximum freeway speed”). Or having a laptop out & running while working on some document on it – while driving. Or the lady who was nursing while driving. As well as the activities that will lead to childbirth…

Even with that attitude, yesterday I saw something that caught my eye, something that really stood out.


There was this guy…


…and this one.

They were travelling together but obviously as a pair. I mean, honestly, if they weren’t together, what would the odds be that the only two cars on the planet painted like this were together right then?

That’s got to be the oddest paint job that I’ve ever seen. If camouflage was their goal it worked like a charm — they were hard to see.

While I refer to them as “the only two cars on the planet painted like this,” in thinking about it some more I’ve come to realize that there must be more. Someone might do something this elaborate as a one-off, but if they’re going to do two that look identical, there’s probably a process that’s repeatable. (Is it all an elaborate decal? Maybe?) Whatever, there sure can’t be that many.

Is there an intended purpose to this scheme, other than just trying to turn heads? Is it supposed to confuse police radar or make you hard to see from the police chase helicopters? It’s hard to see how that would have a reasonable chance to actually succeed.

One had what looked like Michigan plates, the other might have been carrying diplomatic plates. (Here you see more of the latter than the former.)

It was definitely eye catching!

(And for the record, I wasn’t doing anything particularly dangerous or stupid when I took these pictures. I was at a dead stop at the time and had been that way for a while. Traffic really sucked, these guys and I had been playing follow-me-follow-you for several miles at about a walking pace at best.)


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4 responses to “Really Weird Cars

  1. Wow, stare at it too long and it’s almost hypnotic.

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  2. Greg D

    The paint scheme is a form of camouflage, meant to mask the body lines and make it difficult to evaluate or digitally reproduce (e.g. CGI, photoshop) by competing manufacturers, designers, journalists, etc.

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