Ominous Dawn

Still traveling, still just a bit scrambled. The good news is that our luggage got here. Yeah!

I’ve long been bored by Los Angeles’ standard “late night, early morning low clouds, high in the mid 70’s, low tonight in the 60’s.” Sometimes it seems that they can repeat that verbatim about 360 days of the year and no one would know the difference. So I prefer to see a bit of “real” weather. Rain is OK, thunderstorms are great!

The morning dawned in a wonderfully ominous mood:

IMG_4433 small

IMG_4436 small

IMG_4440 small

It managed to clear up (drat!) for most of the day while we were driving around and sightseeing, and by evening it was actually looking calm. I was disappointed.

While we were eating dinner some big, black clouds started to roll in from the west, and most of the evening it’s been raining, along with occasional lighting and thunder. Most of the big boomers have been off a couple of miles, but we had one nice cell go right over us and rattle the windows real well a couple of times.

I approve!


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2 responses to “Ominous Dawn

  1. Marlene Stack

    Beautiful photography!

    Liked by 1 person

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