Tiny Drops

It almost NEVER rains in SoCal after March or early April. Yet tonight while letting the dog-beast enjoy her evening constitutional, there were little tiny drops.


Reflected in the back window of the Volvo…


…and off of the roof. (The car’s red, the sky wasn’t.)

Make no mistake, the drought’s bad, getting worse fast, and has excellent potential to be a real world-class disaster. But over and above that, our weather is just getting…statistically unlikely, on a regular basis. Or just odd.

Later this evening we got actual, honest to god rain. Not much, probably only 0.10″ or so, but radar shows some widely scattered showers that are pretty heavy. And it’s a cold system, so our high is only going to be about 58°F tomorrow with the snow level in the mountains down below 5,000 feet.

In May??! In Southern California??!!

Little tiny drops might be great big signs and portents of changes that are already in motion.

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Filed under Los Angeles, Photography, Weather

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