ISS Pass, June 1st

Another great ISS pass tonight, this one even better than last night’s. Again, playing with a new techinque, “stacking” a whole bunch of short (in this case, 5 seconds) images using software (a freeware program called StarStax, which I’m really liking a lot) to get a composite photo.

Tonight I went to a local park that’s several square blocks in size, with no streetlights anywhere in the park and trees around the edge of the park, blocking out the streetlights there. (There were also coyotes starting their nocturnal scavenging, but they left me alone and I left them alone.) The only significant light I had to deal with was that monstrously huge one rising in the east, the 99% illuminated full moon.


Rising in the east, twenty images. The brightest object, at the center right edge, is Venus. The next brightest object, just below where the ISS path ends in this picture, is Jupiter.


Nearing the zenith from the east, traveling from lower left to upper right, eight images. Jupiter is the bright object to the lower left of where the ISS path starts.


Passing the zenith toward the northeast, traveling from the center toward the lower right, eight images. You can clearly see the Big Dipper above where the ISS path starts, and Polaris (the North Star) just above the gap between the second and third images.


Heading toward the horizon in the northeast, traveling from the enter toward the lower right, twenty images. The big fat streak across the sky from lower left to upper right is a jet contrail, brightly illuminated by the full moon rising directly behind me.

What I really need for this job is a good wide angle or fisheye lens, but that’s not happening right now. Someday.

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