Leftovers From Last Night

It is one of those nights when my adult brain knows that the world is a good and decent place as a whole and there is much to be grateful for and happy about – while my primal brain stem has been exposed to one too many stupid, obnoxious, and evil things. It just wants to play “Doom” and kill all the monsters. (The stupid! The stupid! It burns! It burns!)

Then one of my desktop computers decides to lock up, crash, burn, and die. So much for “Doom!” I had better things to do for two hours tonight than work on that.

But rather than spread the toxicity (I know, I should probably watch the news less and I really shouldn’t ever read the comments!), here are a couple of leftover astrophotos from last night’s adventure. Tonight’s ISS passes over LA were low, quick, and just a half hour or so after sunset, so no pictures there.


A five second exposure with a plane crossing the top, Jupiter in the middle center, and at the lower center a line of three bright objects in a row. They would be Venus, Pollux, and Castor. The latter two are “the twins,” the two brightest stars in the constellation Gemini. The bright star in the upper left on a line with Venus and Jupiter is Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo.


A close up, five second exposure of Venus, Pollux, and Castor, with a few other field stars. The most notable would be the one below Pollux and Castor that almost makes an equilateral triangle with them. That would be Propus, or Eta Geminorum. It’s actually a triple-star system, with one of the stars being variable. It’s an interesting (and difficult) target for an amateur astronomer to study. (The green fuzzy blob just below Castor is not a comet or nebula, but a lens flare from Venus.)

There now, aren’t those much more fun to look at than listening to me vent my spleen about all of the freakin’ idiots?

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