Jewels In The Sunset, June 21st

Friday night the young, crescent  moon was underneath Jupiter and Venus, while yesterday night the moon had moved up to make a nice triangle with Jupiter and Venus. Tonight, the moon’s moved on. (As expected – celestial mechanics and all of that. If it hadn’t moved on, THAT would be news!)

IMG_3376 small

Twilight, and the contrails are out as well.

IMG_3393 small

The moon is getting more and more illuminated.

IMG_8179 small

Yesterday the moon was even with Venus and made an approximate isosceles triangle – tonight it’s moved up and out by about 15°.

IMG_8195 small

They’ve lovely, but by tomorrow night the moon will be another 15° higher and out of the picture – Venus and Jupiter will continue to move closer to each other.


For the record, the iPhone camera isn’t very good for this type of photography at all, compared to a good DSLR.

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