Clouds Vs Moon

Again we have several layers of high clouds, so the Venus & Jupiter show was spotty at best. They could be seen, but only very intermittently and then only because they are bright enough to shine through thin cloud bands. Along with the clouds has been an uncommon amount of humidity for Southern California. We’re not talking Florida or Louisiana humidity (or Missouri, or Virginia, etc etc) but it’s considerably higher than we ever usually get. And for some reason, lots of mosquitoes. Between last night and tonight, my legs and arms look like pin cushions.

The heavier clouds are coming in from the east, where the almost-full moon is trying to rise. I never actually saw the moon, but the battle between it and the clouds was a thing of beauty. The collateral damage that illuminated the herringbone cloud patterns above were amazing.

IMG_8619 small

IMG_8637 small

IMG_8654 small

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