The Woods Are Silent, Dark, And Deep

The classic Robert Frost poem has always been a favorite and its symbolism is particularly apt for this particular trip.

File Jul 25, 13 38 30

When I got up it was foggy, which was marvelous to wander through as I walked Mom’s dog.

File Jul 25, 13 39 19

All over the lawn were these small spider webs. They must work, there seemed to be quite a population of them. This was a large one, but I was fascinated to see some very small ones, set very close to the ground at the bottom of the grass leaves, covered in dew, glistening like silver.

File Jul 25, 13 40 05

Back in the woods it was very quiet, except for the odd bird sounding off. Some bird songs I recognized, the jays, mockingbirds, and robins, but many were new to me. My Boy Scout days are far, far behind me.

File Jul 25, 13 43 10

These woods are on Mom’s property behind her house. Here all of the houses except those right in town have a couple of acres like this. It’s the norm. In Los Angeles, I can’t even imagine what five acres like this would cost.

File Jul 25, 13 43 57

I know that there are deer living in these woods. I’ve seen them at dawn and dusk, usually eating the crab apples out in front. Of course, they’re also always popping out into the road and freezing while you’re driving. So far the brakes and my reflexes are winning.

One of these nights I hope to go out and just look at the stars here. It’s a really nice, dark sky – but tonight looks like more rain.



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2 responses to “The Woods Are Silent, Dark, And Deep

  1. beautiful – beautifully written and imagery is inspiring… i love the woods. A wandering memory

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jemima Pett

    Looks gorgeous – and more autumnal than I’d have thought.


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