Third Best Sunset From Mom’s House

Every place can have great sunsets, but some have them more often than others. Tahiti and Hawaii, for example.

But I’m not in Tahiti or Hawaii, so some of the best I’ve seen are from my Mom’s house in Vermont. She has a great view of

Last night was pretty good, but right off the top of my head I still wouldn’t rate it any better than the third best I’ve seen from that location. If that isn’t damning it with faint praise, I don’t know what is.

I’ll save the really good ones for some future post, mainly because I’m on the road here, those photos are on my system at home, and these photos are right there in the camera!

For the record, after only getting two hours of restless sleep on the plane Wednesday night and then being up to almost midnight on Thursday, I did NOT get up at 5:00 AM to look for a correspondingly stunning sunrise. Well, that, plus the fact that it was raining pretty well at the time.

I might still be a bit punchy & jet lagged. A bit.

1_20150723_IMG_9110 small2_20150723_IMG_9123 small3_20150723_IMG_9129 small4_20150723_IMG_9144 small5_20150723_IMG_3811 small6_20150723_IMG_3814 small7_20150723_IMG_3837 small

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One response to “Third Best Sunset From Mom’s House

  1. Love a good sunset. We even get good ones here in the UK sometimes – a wandering memory

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