Stay On Your Toes ‘Round Here

I was just finishing up and heading off to bed, but I see you’re sitting there patiently, waiting for my daily words of wisdom. (Assuming, of course, that by “words of wisdom” we all know that we mean “whatever drivel, nonsense, drool, and the occasional picture come out of my face.”)

It’s been a couple of long, long days – still trying to get caught up on some of routine stuff for my CAF gig that got put off onto the back burner while I was in Vermont for two weeks, then Indiana for a week, and that was after another trip to North Carolina for a week and a week in DC for the NASA Social. And then there was our airshow, which had a ton of follow-up work to make the Is cross and the Ts dot. The monthly staff meeting is tomorrow and I don’t want to look stupid (or, at least, no more stupid than usual) so we’re burning through pages and pages of the “to-do” list.

And all the while, here you’ve been, reading, maybe watching a ballgame or television show (the new shows don’t start until next week, so other than sports there’s not a lot on right now – I would strongly recommend you stay away from the news, it’s nothing but political drivel and “someone died!”), wondering if I had forgotten today.

Nope. I didn’t forget.

Let’s act like Felix, and pull out my magical bag of tricks…

Hey, look what’s coming up in just three months (more or less), which means that I get to start decorating in two months (more or less)!

IMG_3121 small

I’ll bet you didn’t see THAT coming, did you?

You have to stay on your toes ’round here. Don’t get complacent. Bob and weave, bob and weave! Serpentine!!

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