Tons Of Airshow, Ounces Of Lunar Eclipse

It’s been a long, long day at the Pt. Mugu airshow today. It was a great show (above all, nobody hurt, nothing bent) and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Over on Twitter there are a bunch of pictures, and I’m sure I’ll have many, many pictures and even some video to share here in the next few days. But for now, just a taste for you:

IMG_1924 small

Driving home I kept looking for the almost fully eclipsed moon rising in the east, but saw nothing. We had a solid bank of clouds to the east. When I got home I kept checking, and finally saw just the tiniest bit of it through a fair-to-middlin’ layer of clouds. So while there will be many more airshow pictures to follow, this will be it for this lunar eclipse: IMG_2639 small

This was the best view I had of anything going on tonight, about seventeen minutes after totality ended.

IMG_2650 small

As you can see from the wide view, the seeing varied from bad, to worse, to even worse yet.

Now I need to go see what bits and strips of exposed flesh got missed when I slathered on the SPF50 this morning. I know there’s at least one.

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