That’s The First Thousand

The intent was to hit “Publish” and see if I could shut everything down and jump into bed before the electrons were cold.

Then WordPress told me that I’ve now made 1,000 posts to this website.

I feel like there should be a cake. Or champagne. Or ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I like ice cream a lot.

Yet I still haven’t told you of the 400-pound gorilla.

Perhaps I’ll forgo the cake, champagne, and ice cream for a warm, soft, horizontal bed. That sounds like a perfectly legitimate way to celebrate as well.

Yeah, me!

That’s #1,001.


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3 responses to “That’s The First Thousand

  1. Jemima Pett

    Congratulations, Paul! I thought I was dong well hitting the 900 mark in October – but you’re way ahead of me… well, maybe three months 😀
    The thing about those thousand, though. How good were they? Answer: between great and brilliant, every one of them!

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  2. Congrats! Cannot wait to read the next 1,000! Ice cream in champagne should definitely be “a thing,” I think. And it would definitely get us onto the story of that 400 pound gorilla! 😀

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