Los Angeles At Night

We had a lovely dinner with The Long-Suffering Wife’s cousins, aunts, nephews, and various spouses. We were at her aunt’s place right next to Beverly Hills, and the view there is always stunning. At night, it shines like a field of jewels.

File Nov 08, 20 48 10 small

To the southwest, the illuminated tower on the right is the Latter Day Saints’ Los Angeles Temple on Santa Monica Boulevard. Far off in the distance, the lights on the horizon are Long Beach and the Pacific Palisades.

File Nov 08, 20 49 12 small

To the southeast, the skyscrapers of downtown LA are straight ahead. The large street is Wilshire Boulevard, with the dark areas on both sides being the Los Angeles Country Club.

File Nov 08, 20 49 47 small

Looking due east, the Hollywood Hills come into view. With a better camera (this is just from my cell phone) and a telephoto lens, the Hollywood sign is over there someplace.

File Nov 08, 20 50 20 small

Due south are the skyscrapers of Century City and the Fox Studios.

It’s a wonderful view – for a propeller head like me, the coolest part is watching the jets line up as sail by, straight over downtown as they cruise into LAX off to the coast on the far right.

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  1. Jemima Pett

    Love it 😀


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