Thanksgiving Sunset

Here in the United States it’s Thanksgiving again, where we all have so much to be thankful for, whether we realize it or not. I think in our family households we get it, but it never hurts to be reminded.

I hope that those of you celebrating today have a peaceful and joyous day, devoid of any of the stereotypical family “issues” that the sitcoms love so much to use as plot devices. If you want to have some of those romantic “issues” that the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies all seem to contain, well, knock yourself out.

If you’re not in the United States or not celebrating, I hope you have or had a great Thursday. The weekend’s almost here.

Finally, if none of those categories apply (hello, Sarcastic Rover!), I hope you had a good day anyway.

It’s been cool and damp here, and now it’s getting dark. Soon the turkey will be done and the family feast will begin. Jessie will be ecstatic.  We have one child out of our three here, but we’ll take what we can get as long as the others are safe and happy.

Tomorrow, our Christmas lights start going up. In looking at the little bit of color we got in tonight’s fading sunset, I see that the neighbors up the street have their lights lit tonight. To hell with Mrs. Kravitz!



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Filed under Christmas Lights, Family, Photography

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