Auburn Cord Dusenberg Automobile Museum (Part 6 of 6)


If you really love cars and you also love swing dancing, go visit the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Auburn, Indiana in August to attend the “Gatsby Gala.” Not only will you get to see all of these gorgeous vehicles and history, but the music and party is pretty good as well. Dress appropriately!

Here are more photos, primarily from the “Gallery Of Classics.” (Earlier pictures are herehere, here, here, and here.)


1911 Auburn


Auburn, year unknown


The chassis for one of these early cars, with front wheel drive…


…and a honkin’ big engine. That’s an in-line, eight-cylinder monster, a “straight eight.”


Duesenberg also tried to get into the aircraft engine field in 1918 (only fifteen years after the Wright Brothers flew!) with this V-16 engine. It never took off, too heavy for the flimsy aircraft of the day.


1909 McIntyre


1910 Zimmerman


Another Zimmerman, year unknown


1907 Kiblinger – any wonder they were originally called “horseless carriages?” Can you imagine the traffic jam behind one of these in the #1 lane of the 405 Freeway?

(I’m telling you folks, it’s going to happen with this upheaval in my routine now that I’m working again. Got home, dinner, busy, busy, busy, doing some CAF stuff, crawled into bed at 23:40 and The Long-Suffering Wife said, “What did you write about tonight, dear?” And I said, “Oh, shit! I’ll be back in ten minutes!” Thank goodness I had this already put together, sort of. One of these days!)

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