Parking Lot In Sunlight

A few days ago I showed night pictures from the parking lot of the office building where I’ve just started working. I noted that it was across the freeway from the big Kaiser Permanente hospital. I also showed how the parking lot lights were like poster children for light pollution.

Today I was out there during the day, so it seemed natural to take more pictures to share.

File Dec 11, 20 19 45 small

At night, the big, illuminated sign on the KP hospital stands out like a beacon. During the day, the eucalyptus trees dominate the scene. If you didn’t know there was a big hospital over there, you probably wouldn’t notice it from this angle.

File Dec 11, 20 21 06 small

Trust me, it’s there.

File Dec 11, 20 23 03 small

What will really screw up your night vision is that freakishly bright thing in the sky up there now!

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