Postage Stamp Futures

While this may or may not be the last year for our mega Christmas light display, I expect the deluge of Christmas cards to continue no matter where we’re living.

One thing I always try to do is pick a nice US Postage stamp if one is available. There have been a couple years when we used the generic “wreath” or “tree” or “Merry Christmas” stamp. But it’s better if it’s a nice commemorative stamp, particularly if it’s one that I really like.

This year we didn’t have a super fantastic choice, but went with the “Peanuts” stamps, which were a pretty good second choice.

Next year, however.

In the last week of 2015 the US Post Office announced a number of their stamps to be issued in 2016. This one caught my attention, for obvious reasons.

File Jan 05, 22 16 27

Image: US Post Office

All eight planets, in enhanced color, which is sort of how they would look to the naked eye. Assuming you could see the surface of Venus, and not fry from the radiation surrounding Jupiter or Saturn, or fry from the heat and sunlight while near Mercury…

Nit picky details! These will be spectacular!!

But something’s missing, especially considering the biggest science story of 2015.

Back in 1991 the US Post Office put out a strip of nine stamps, one for each of the planets, all of which had pictures from flybys or orbiting spacecraft. Except Pluto. That stamp said:


Image: US Post Office

Well, that’s not true any more! But it’s not a planet any more? Maybe? Kinda? Sorta? But wow, what about New Horizons and the views we got last year?!

So the US Post office is also issuing this in 2016:

File Jan 05, 22 17 03

Image: US Post Office

Wow, two sets of stamps that I would love to use on our Christmas cards! They’re all “forever” stamps, so I can buy a bunch now and just horde them until Christmas 2016, then use the other batch for Christmas 2017. Right?!

Then I saw that these will also be issued in 2016:

File Jan 05, 22 24 18

Image: US Post Office

That should take care of the Christmas cards for 2018…

It looks like I’ll be investing in US postage stamp futures this year.

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  1. I do like those Star Trek stamps.

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