I ran across this picture from my trip to DC last May.

IMG_008179_2015-05-11-iPhone6 small

Many diverse thoughts coalesced (coagulated?) and I had the most pleasant fantasy flash through my head.

By whatever means, summon Abraham Lincoln back from his grave to today’s world. Abraham Lincoln, tall, strong, rail-splitter, a hero in his prime. The first President from the Republican Party.

Fill him in on the current Presidential election. Let him watch the debates and the speeches. Let him research the positions of the candidates.

Then let him go visit the Republican National Committee.

They’ll be thrilled beyond belief, squeeeeing themselves apoplectic with his presence. At the next Republican presidential debate, parade him up on stage as proof that God has anointed them as the Chosen leaders of our great country.

Of course, you can’t have the reanimated and revitalized Abraham Lincoln on stage in front of CNN or ABC or Fox in a modern suit – it would ruin the impact. He would be dressed as we see him in Matthew Brady’s photographs, as he’s portrayed above.

And just for an added touch, because he asked nicely, let him carry his axe. It’s iconic.


Lincoln, the current campaign, the candidates, his axe, all on stage together. Just imagine it!

And you thought “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” was a stupid, flop of a movie. Nope.


What Would Abraham Lincoln Do?

A guy can dream.

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