Spring Starts Tomorrow?

Well, at least in this time zone. 21:30 on March 19th PDT, 00:30 on March 20th EDT, 04:30 on March 20th UTC.

Why can’t we all just use UTC and just know that in our particular time zone (for example) it might be “normal” for sunrise to be at 16:00 or so and sunset to be at 05:00 or so the next day? Too confusing?

They’re just arbitrary numbers.

Anyway, a non-arbitrary event (the sun crossing the equator as the Earth’s tilted axis and orbit around the sun make the sun appear to rise higher and/or lower throughout the year) occurs tomorrow, and I for one can’t wait. It’s been a truly brutal winter in Los Angeles.

The must have been at least three or four days where it got all the way down into the upper 40’s! Not to mention at least two days when it rained. What kind of cut-rate paradise is this, anyway!


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2 responses to “Spring Starts Tomorrow?

  1. Ronnie

    Your snark was strong last night

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  2. Upper 40’s huh? You’re just too funny for your own good over there.

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