Paul 6.0

(First of all, I’m stealing this idea from Kurt Schindler, a Facebook friend of my niece. Credit where credit is due, but steal from the best.)

Early “milestone” birthdays are generally highly anticipated and eagerly celebrated. Turning 16? Get a driver’s license! Made it to 18? You can vote, and in some states you can legally drink. 21? More drinking!

Then the tone changes. 30? Are you now untrustworthy? 40? Geez, you’re becoming your parents, and if you’re a woman, your biological clock is ticking like Big Ben! 50? Midlife crisis time!

I hit 50 using the “best defense is a good offense” strategy.

File Mar 19, 21 50 01

So now here we are, on the release date for “Paul 6.0”. There was less fanfare this time around.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m just tired or if I didn’t feel the need to be outrageous. Maybe I just didn’t feel like going through the hassle of dying my hair blue or green. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have any accrued vacation time yet.

The down side of the less aggressive approach is that it has left the door open for more introspection and contemplation. In the immortal words of Crash Davis, “Don’t think – you can only hurt the ball club.”

It hasn’t been a huge deal. I have not been lying awake at night thinking of how drastically different my life will be on March 20th when compared to March 18th. But I have caught myself once or twice being surprised at some of my reactions.

There have also been a lot of nice things to get me through the “ordeal.”

Cards from The Long-Suffering Wife. Soooooo many cards. One a day, starting a month ago. Well played, dear, well played!

The weekend two weeks ago in San Jose when we were able to get all three kids together for the first time in years. It’s great that they’re world travelers and have taken our advice about not “wasting” their vacation time when on another continent by coming home to see us (go see another country, we’re boring!), but it’s also great to occasionally get together.

The balloons that The Long-Suffering Wife had delivered to the office on Wednesday, just to make sure that everyone in the office at the relatively new job knew what was coming up. (The latex balloons were one-day wonders as floaters…

File Mar 19, 21 47 00 small

but some simple engineering restored much of their festive spirit.)

File Mar 19, 21 47 53 small

(I would also like to thank the manufacturers of that little mini-desk for making it strong enough to hold my weight and not snap in two, sending me crashing against and through the window, plummeting to my death six floors below.)

While the start of this next decade of my life has some areas of potential improvement, not to mention an impressive and growing “life list” (I hate the term “bucket list”) to whittle away at, I’m going to focus on the latter while not forgetting about the former. It doesn’t take a whole slew of functional brain cells to recognize just how good I’ve got it – while also knowing that it could also be better.

Time to get to work on that!



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5 responses to “Paul 6.0

  1. Well done – I like the balloons!

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  2. Apologies for missing your birthday, but wish you well anyway. I celebrate 50 heavily,m and ignored 60. Maybe I’ll do something special for 75 or 80 and then just wait for the 100 😉

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  3. I am so sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday! I do hope that you had a wonderful day (sounds like a wonderful ongoing month!) and I’m glad you got to see your kids and enjoy your family all together.

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