Post Downpour At Camarillo

Yesterday while at the CAF hangar at Camarillo Airport, we had a couple of heavy rain showers. They lasted a half-hour or more, and were dropping rain at about a third of an inch per hour. Not like anything they get in Florida or the Gulf Coast during a hurricane, but pretty impressive for SoCal, especially with our ongoing drought.

This of course led to pretty much everyone in the hangar lined up just inside the doors with their cell phones out, taking pictures of the rain. As one does in SoCal. I was as guilty as the next guy, but I posted mine on our CAF SoCal FaceBook page and Twitter. The Twitter post got picked up and retweeted by the National Weather Service Twitter account, which in turn led to it being picked up (they asked permission) by the local CBS affiliate.


Just before I left for the day the showers had passed by, but were still all around us. You know what I did?

File Apr 10, 20 27 44 small

(Click to enlarge)

File Apr 10, 20 29 43 small

I took pictures, of course!

Anyone who didn’t get the answer to that needs to peruse much more of this site. Just do a search forĀ either the “photography,” “travel,” or “space” category tags. Enjoy!

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