101 At 1/4 Second

File Apr 23, 23 18 18 small

An analogy for how we’re all moving to fast and life becomes a blur?

Nope, an example of how the iPhone camera, as good as it is, isn’t the correct tool for this type of a picture. A good SLR will let you get exposures of one second to ten or even sixty seconds, giving long, cool, glowing trails on the freeway. Set properly, it will also give you crisp, non-blurred photos, even at night.

The iPhone tries to compromise with little ability to override the default settings, so what you get is a little bit of both and not enough of neither.

So it’s cool – but only a little bit cool. It could be a lot more cool.

(And it was a really lovely and fun Seder tonight – thanks, Bonnie and Greg!)


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