Imposition vs Opportunity

I had things to get done today – many (most?) of them got put off. First thing this morning I received an email requesting information ASAP for CAF Headquarters.

The documents I needed to work on were out at the hangar, thirty-three miles away. These days, with the new full-time-plus job, I only go out on Saturdays unless there’s a pretty urgent need. Especially since they’re working on the one freeway that goes in that direction, so that thirty-five minute drive is now more like an hour plus.

But off I went, got my documents, and headed home. Only to find something going on causing a huge traffic jam before I could even get out of the airport and head toward the freeway home. On an impulse, and in large part because by that point it was the only easy way out of traffic, I headed toward the ocean instead of the freeway.

What a wonderful opportunity that turned out to be. The drive along PCH was scenic, cool, lovely, and “the Southern California experience.” I had the convertible instead of my little Fit, cruising Pacific Coast Highway with the top down and the tunes turned up.

File Apr 24, 20 31 12 small

(click image to view full sized)


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