Heart Of The Cutoff Low

“Heart Of The Cutoff Low” is going to be my new Don Henley tribute band.

Remember the leading edge of the low pressure system that gave us such pretty clouds two days ago? That system is now parked over us for the second day in a row and doesn’t look like it will move out until Sunday or Monday.

Tomorrow’s going to be a bit of a mudder. (No context for you!)

From the parking garage at sunset, pretty much every direction looked ominous. (There’s not THAT much rain in this system, it just looks cool.)

File May 06, 19 40 31 small

To the west. I actually did get a little bit of rain on the drive home and the trash cans had an inch or so of rain it them. (It was trash day and the lids get left open when the automated truck picks them up and flips them.)

File May 06, 19 41 36 small

To the north. There’s that big hospital-like-looking building over there, I wonder if I know anyone there?

File May 06, 19 42 19 small

To the east. Way off in the distance, just poking up over the hill are some big cells firing up, bringing some thunderstorms to the desert.

File May 06, 19 43 16 small

Not good flying weather. At least two Southwest Air flights from Burbank to Las Vegas were cancelled this afternoon due to the storms.

Tomorrow’s going to be a long, long day. Stay dry, y’all!

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