WE Build 2016

I’ve shown pictures and talked about the Habitat for Humanity WE Build (“Women’s Empowerment”) before (here and here). This year, I’m on the staff side. To no one’s surprise, the physical challenge of it all for an older, out of shape dude such as myself was epic.

File May 07, 21 08 48 small

Gathering for breakfast & the opening ceremonies.

File May 07, 21 10 28 small

My particular team that I was “helping” was pouring two concrete walls. Concrete was mixed in the two wheelbarrows, shoveled into buckets, the buckets relayed to the women stationed along the wall, and the concrete poured into the forms.

By “helping” I mean that I tried not to get in the way too much and I was available for raw, beast of burden, grunt work when needed.

File May 07, 21 12 04 small

Mixing and making the concrete.

File May 07, 21 13 33 small

Another group was landscaping the hillsides above the neighborhood.

File May 07, 21 14 23 small

A third group was framing an entire house in one day.

File May 07, 21 15 20 small

A fourth group was putting down a walkway in the community playground.

File May 07, 21 16 20 small

The women in my group, who had never poured concrete in their lives, busted their butts all day long to get their job done. There were setbacks…

File May 07, 21 17 09 small

…which were overcome.

File May 07, 21 17 58 small

At the end of the day, there were two concrete walls.

When these women are asked what they did with their day, they can tell everyone that they were AWESOME!!


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