Twitter Ten Thousand

Last August I reached a milestone on my Twitter account, posting my 5,000th tweet. Twitter says that I joined some time in February 2009, so it took six years and seven months to post 5,000 tweets.

Today, less than nine months later, I posted my 10,000th. Granted, many of them are re-tweets, particularly of photos of the Earth taken by astronauts on ISS. Plus other space stuff. And airplane stuff. And science stuff. Still, that’s a lot of tweets.

In August I thought about noting the 5,000th tweet with something at least thoughtful instead of just another smartass remark (is “smartass” one word or two?) or a retweet. At the time I was still looking for a job, despite having not acknowledged that explicitly in my work here, so I referred vaguely to “the 400 lb elephant” and a second “meeting.” Because for various reasons I didn’t want to use terms like “unemployment” or “interview,” I was being obtuse.

With the 10,000th Tweet here, I again was looking for something less “fluffy” to post. It occurred to me that the 5,000th tweet was, in retrospect, about the biggest concern I had in life at the time. So what has me on edge today?

Oh, yeah, THAT. But rather than go off on a rant regarding one particular person or another, I wanted to address the more general problem. (I now notice that I had the dates off by a few weeks, but that doesn’t change the point I’m trying to make.)

At this rate, I should be hitting 15,000 tweets about mid-January. Let’s say, about January 20th. Which, the way things are lining up right now, will be a rather historic date in American history.

Let’s hope that by February 1, 2017 we’re not asking ourselves, “What in the hell were we possibly thinking?”

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