East vs West

Simple. It’s been a long couple of days with a growing plumbing disaster, which might actually be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Which will be great if it’s not actually an oncoming train.

To make up work & try to hit deadlines (or at least not miss them by that much) I was at the office late. When I came out, to my right, due east, was:

A honkin’ big full moon tonight, rising over the hills that protect Woodland Hills from Winnetka. (A little humor there, Winnetka – ha, ha! Repeat after me – ha – ha! Very good, Winnetka!

But if I spun around 180°, changing my orientation and my perspective, I saw this:

Clear and a million, accompanied by an almost perfect gradient effect from zenith to horizon and back again..

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Filed under Astronomy, Los Angeles, Space, Weather

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