Unintended Consequences

While the Blue Apron meals that I ranted and raved about last night might be delicious, it’s not just our empty nester eating patterns that have been disrupted.

You may recall that I take a certain “(wanna be) Tetris Grand Master” pride in my ability to load the dishwasher to within an inch of its life. But now…


My dishwasher zen is totally out of whack! Look at that, it’s disgusting!


While the bottom rack is jammed to the brim and requiring the dishwasher to be run ASAP, the top rack is only maybe half full!

Oh, the embarrassment!

The proportion of large items (plates, pans, cutting boards, and so on) to smaller items (bowls, storage containers, glasses) has been shifted in a way unseen since the Great Collapsing Kitchen Shelf Debacle of 2006! And we all remember what a nightmare that was!

I think it’s the almost total lack of any storage containers that are doing it. With two meals from Blue Apron and the portion sizing being just a hair on the smaller (and probably healthier and better) side, there aren’t any leftovers. Period.

Madness, I tell you! Madness!!

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