Be At Peace

A very, very long day following a very long week following another very long week following…

I could probably use a “mental health day” or two. Or five. Or ten. (That won’t happen.)

You know that meme that’s going around Facebook that shows a cabin in the middle of nowhere in the mountains with the question, “Thirty days, food, water, and provisions provided, but no one else there, no internet, no smart phone, no electronics, and when you get done with the thirty days you get $100,000 for enduring it – would you do it?” What a stupid meme. Do they not realize that there are people who would PAY THEM $100,000 to do that?

I know that the Cubbies are still fighting it out in the 12th or 13th inning, but I have to go to bed.

It was a really nice sunset on Saturday.


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One response to “Be At Peace

  1. Yeah, $100,000 sounds cheap to me. Mind you, I know a cottage on the edge of the Isle of Mull that comes cheaper by the week.

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