Spitfire Day

Yesterday at our CAF SoCal hangar we had a “Spitfire Day” presentation. It was the 80th anniversary of the introduction of the Spitfire.


Not only did visitors get to see our beautiful Mark XIV Spitfire up close and personal…


…but they got to hear from Steve Barber all about what it’s like to fly the Spitfire. Our wing historian, Ron Fleishman, also talked about the history of this particular aircraft.

Then, after everyone got to see the aircraft up close and do a pre-flight walk around inspection, it was time to get a brief flight demonstration.

The air traffic controllers at the Camarillo Airport tower are always great about working with us for these events. It was a regular operating day at the airport with dozens of aircraft coming in and going out every hour, from tiny Cessna 150’s up to very large Gulfstream business jets.

But they managed to squeeze in a couple of spots in the traffic pattern to allow Steve to do some high-speed passes down the runway. Nothing fancy, no aerobatics without an airshow waiver of course – but it sure is sweet to hear that 1200+ horsepower engine purr!

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