Cloudy Halloween

It was a nice enough sunset, the high wispy clouds turning pink, at least where you could see them through the low marine layer moving in.


Which is lovely, except that we like to bring out all of the telescopes on Halloween and let the trick-or-treaters look through them. To the east, where the leading edge seen above was coming from, it wasn’t promising.


I waited as long as I could, but it wasn’t looking any better. You could see a star her or there poking through the clouds, and I could see Venus setting in the west, but I decided to knock it off.

Of course, ninety minutes or so later it was clear as a bell and folks were wondering why the telescopes weren’t out. (Yes, they really do remember and they really do ask. This is a good thing.) Too late by then.

Next year…

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Filed under Astronomy, Photography, Weather

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