It Did Leave A Mark

I just have no stinkin’ clue what “it” was:


That’s my right upper arm between my elbow and shoulder. It felt tender Monday morning, almost like I had gotten a shot there. (I hadn’t gotten a shot there.) Tuesday morning it was sore. Yesterday it was purple. Today the yellowish-green tinge set it.

I’m hardly in agony – it’s just a big bruise.

They mystery is that I have absolutely zero clues about what caused it. One would normally think that a collision with something or slamming into a doorway or being slugged with a baseball bat would leave a memory that would last at least a day or two.




Let’s see what color it is tomorrow!


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2 responses to “It Did Leave A Mark

  1. That’s what retail therapy does for you!


  2. Maybe you DID get a shot but you just weren’t awake for it.


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