Notes From The Dark

Yesterday, when I showed y’all a big ugly bruise on my arm that I could not remember getting, one friend suggested that perhaps I had taken up sleep walking. My immediate response was to suggest that perhaps I should wear my step-counting smart watch to bed to see if it knew something in the morning that I didn’t.

While it’s possible I’m bouncing off the walls while sleeping,

I do know that I have other barely conscious nocturnal activities that leave morning mysteries.

Sometimes I find notes that I wrote to myself about really vivid dreams.

Occasionally these notes almost make sense if I can sort of remember bits of the dream, but if I can’t, I just have the cryptic note.

For example:

  • Olympics
  • Carrying huge stones
  • Blindfolded
  • We try it
  • Running down ramp to field
  • At other end of field we feel the trinkets
  • Then back but don’t drop stone
  • We got silver

Not a clue, folks. I’m glad to see that we won the silver, although I’ll always wonder how came we close to getting the gold.

Of course, it’s the “at other end of field we feel the trinkets” line that catapults this one into a class of its own. It made sense in its own dream-like way right up to there.

Now if I can find one of these notes that has an “OUCH!” on it…

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  1. Sounds like a great story outline….

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