Assembly, Not Trimming

One of the “best bang for the buck” items in our household is the artificial Christmas tree we bought at least a dozen years ago. (It might be longer.)

The old phrase “trimming the tree” isn’t quite appropriate for a fake tree – “assembly” is a better verb. I remember last year thinking (after the fact) that the assembly process would be a good subject for a time lapse video. This year I actually remembered to do it as an experiment.

Not perfect – probably need to get some sort of tripod mount for the iPhone to do it better. But not bad.

Welcome to the Willett household Christmas tree assembly, 2016 version!


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3 responses to “Assembly, Not Trimming

  1. I inherited the family tree, which celebrated its fiftieth birthday a couple of years back. It may not look like a modern tree, but I love it – and love the assembly process each year 🙂

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  2. Ronnie

    Looking good dear

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