Crescent Moon + Venus + Mars


Last night was “clear and a million” and I had my alarm set incorrectly, so I missed most of the nice sunset with the thin crescent moon. Not tonight, even if it does mean taking a quick break from the office and going out to the parking garage roof.

But where’s the moon?


There it is! Veiled by all of those high, thin clouds.


Not bad for a handheld shot, no tripod.


Look out! I didn’t know Southwest Airlines had regularly schedule service to the Moon!


Coming back out about a half-hour later when it was suitably dark, I found that most of the overcast had disappeared, allowing Venus to appear!

img_0370_smallA little bit of Earthshine lighting up the dark parts of the moon.


Mars was suposed to be to the upper left of Venus from this perspective. Is it there? Click on the image to see it full-sized and take a look.

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