Memories Of The Hilton Ballroom – Part Three

Okay, so this actually doesn’t come from the ballroom, but rather the bathroom in my room at the Hilton. Close enough!


One word caught my eye. “Deluxe.” defines “deluxe” as “of special elegance, sumptuousness, or fineness; high or highest in quality, luxury, etc.”

It’s a freakin’ shower cap, worth maybe $0.02. Literally. What could possibly be “deluxe” about it?


“Take cover and protect your style.” “Designed and developed by…” With my hair being kept short (and getting thin) and my hair styling consisting of drying it with a towel, I don’t need a shower cap to “protect my style.”

Again, it’s a freakin’ shower cap, worth maybe $0.02. I’m guessing the instructions were originally written in a very non-English language and then run thorough something like Google Translate. And just how much “design” and “development” could be involved?

Let’s open it up! Oooh, this is going to be special!


It’s like a little snakeskin left after a snake sheds. Maybe that’s it! Maybe they designed a special DNA insert and put it into snakes to develop snakes that will shed their skin into perfect little shower caps!


Still looking snakeskin-like. My theory is still sounding good!


Wait, there’s no snakeskin here! It’s just plastic, and thin plastic at that, like, thinner than Saran Wrap. So what’s “deluxe”? The fact that it fits into the tiny box and then unfolds?


Aaaah, there it is! There’s a band of elastic around the edge! That’s why it’s “deluxe!” Obviously not worth $0.02, it might be worth at least $0.021 or even $0.025!

Now we know!




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One response to “Memories Of The Hilton Ballroom – Part Three

  1. Ronnie

    Nice one dear


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