Memories Of The Hilton Ballroom – Part Two

Spending hour after hour in the Hilton ballrooms, which truly were quite nice, I found the huge light fixtures on the ceiling to be intriguing. They looked quite striking.


Somewhere along the line, my mind might have drifted just a touch (this was pre-pigeon) and I noticed that one or two of the giant… What are they? Flowers? Japanese lanterns? Alien spore ships descending to drop their loads of human-exterminating pathogens over our city?


Whatever. I noticed that one or tow of the giant things had shadows on them, showing that something was up on top of them.


Aside from the observation that it must really be a bitch to get up there and clean them if something gets up there, or to change the light bulbs, I realized that the Hilton had in fact given us the perfect plaything for the really, really boring conferences. It would be great if a group of conference organizers would give us the tools to play during the über boring seminars. It would be even better if a group of conference attendees knew about these and brought the goods.


Let’s say you brought a big bag of ping-pong balls. Everyone marks their set of ping-pong balls with their personal sigil. You assign points to the various shades, based on their degree of difficulty. Are they higher or lower? Are they blocked by other shades? Are they at a really steep angle? Are they near an HVAC vent, which would lead to some tricky air currents?

Then, well…

I wonder how many ping pong balls you could get up there before they booted your ass out of the conference?

I wonder if the next year you could bring in one of these ping-pong ball guns?

I wonder if you could bring in wiffle balls, with extra points for being able to curve them into previously unhittable spots?

I wonder at what point they just arrest you instead of banning you from future conferences?


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7 responses to “Memories Of The Hilton Ballroom – Part Two

  1. Just warning you now, don’t choose me for your team. I’m a MUCH better asset to you by joining the opposing ping pong ball throwing team. With my uncoordinated ability (it’s impressive really), I’d lose points and get thrown out on my first toss as we all watched my ping pong ball sail across the room, missing it’s mark by a mile, and hitting the speaker square on the forehead. Or perhaps if I’m doing really well that day, it might bounce off a few of the attendees’ heads before ending up with a resounding splash in the coffee cup of someone (with no sense of humor, mind you) in the front row.

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  2. Then there’s also the ‘best interpretation of a flower thing made from the items supplied by the conference hosts’ game – assuming there was at least a note pad and pen?

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    • Yes, but that game will NEVER get you banned from the conference! But there were note pads and pads of sticky notes everywhere – wait, PAPER AIRPLANE CONTESTS! Better yet, who can get a paper airplane caught up in the lights?

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  3. Ronnie

    Good one dear. Paper shooting from straws might be good but very obvious

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    • Glad you liked it – I’ll need you to throw my bail when I get busted trying any of these ideas! The straw idea is excellent but you’ll need industrial strength lungs to blow the wrapper that high up. Spit balls on the other hand…


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