Memories Of The Hilton Ballroom – Part One

It was an interesting and useful conference. I learned a lot about the topic at hand. I met some good people and talked about our projects. It could lead to some interesting things.

Which is not to say that every seminar was…”riveting.” It’s possible for a couple that “tedious” might be a better term.

Then the pigeon showed up.


Sorry it’s not a better picture. It was quick and to be fair, the seminar in question was still in progress, so there was a limited amount of shenanigans that I could pull off.

No clue how the pigeon got into the Hilton ballroom, if it was a permanent resident (sort of like Slimer in “Ghostubsters”), or if it was just squab on the hoof. After a couple hours of meetings, there were more than enough crumbs from people’s snacks and breakfast to keep it  fat.

It waddled mostly, going underneath the chairs and scaring the crap out of some people when it snuck up behind and past them.

It was most certainly more interesting than the second hour of discussions on the government’s 24-month/5% rule!


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3 responses to “Memories Of The Hilton Ballroom – Part One

  1. Hope it made it out of there alive and out of reach of the chef.

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