Nice Planet

…be a pity of something happened to it. Heh, heh, heh



That’s Venus up there in the sky above a lovely sunset. The palm trees are purple because the hotel thought that would look cool while we were out on the seaside patio for cocktail hour at this conference.

The only thing cool was the weather – about 51°F with a stiff breeze. I know, all of my Vermont and Maine friends think that’s woosie as hell – and they’re correct. It was still really cold out there if you’re dressed for Southern California weather and get this instead.

FYI, pictures taken with my iPhone. They’re getting pretty stinking good these days.


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5 responses to “Nice Planet

  1. 51 sounds idyllic. But then, in the UK this week (esp in the east where I am) it’s been cold day temps (36) but with a wind like I experienced in the arctic. Which is strange since it’s coming from the south – where our European neighbours have been frozen all week. (The wind is curving round after blasting them from the arctic and Siberia). Should ease off after today, and we’ll have a nice warm 38- 40. 🙂

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  2. berich56

    We were 49 and breezy yesterday in VT, quite balmy!


  3. Cocktails by the seaside? What the hell kind of conference are you at anyway? And how can I join you?

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