I’ve seen worse. I grew up in the midwest where we had thunderstorms and tornadoes that would turn your world upside down in an instant. I’ve been in Vermont, Vrigina, Illinois, and New York where it rained harder. With lightning and thunder to boot.

We even got caught in the remnants of a hurricane once, driving from Maine to Boston at night. We literally couldn’t see twenty feet and there was so much water we wouldn’t have been able to tell if we had gone off the road into a river. That’s how you take a two hour drive and turn it into a six hour nightmare.

But for LA, this was the worst in many, many years.

I had the iPhone up against the glass to minimize any reflections from inside the office. The sound year hear is the rain hitting the window sideways in the 50 to 70 knot wind gusts.

The “best” part was feeling the big plate glass window flex with every gust. I’m sure it wasn’t really moving a couple of centimeters in each direction, but it felt like it.

You gotta love rain in LA.


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2 responses to “Deluge

  1. Your rain even made our news – and the weatherman took a look at it too. Have fun, but keep safe 🙂

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    • Thanks! I think there’s even a song from the 70s or 80s that predicted the obsession with our weather. “It never rains in California / But girl, don’t they warn ya / It pours / Man, it pours!” Sounds about right.

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