Slaying Delayed

Long day. All evening doing an online task which I do not enjoy but can not avoid. Not feeling the joy.

Listening to some tunes, as I have been known to do. (BTW, someone changed the key on “Jesus Christ Superstar.” I used to be able to sing along with that. Now it’s just ugly.) Tonight it’s Julia Ecklar for reasons I don’t recall, but I’m having a good time listening again.

Given the task and my mood, I’m ready for “Temper of Revenge.” As she says on the live version on another CD, “One set of chords and you’re all lusting for blood!”

So here we go! “Bring me my lance! Bring my shield! Strong as my sword is…”

“beep, beep! beep, beep! beep, beep!” My phone has cut off the music to have my alarm go off.

Stick a pin in that thought, I’ll be back in five minutes to wade hip deep into the demon horde, slinging entrails and limbs right and left with my massive broadsword. Right now it’s been two hours since dinner and I have to go do that blood test thing to make sure I’m not hypoglycemic.

Who knew that that’s what they meant by “lusting for blood?”

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One response to “Slaying Delayed

  1. Ronnie

    Good one dear😁


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