A Little Slow

How mushy is my brain?

Well, now that I’m writing this out, maybe that’s the wrong way to put it. It could be that having a mushed brain has lowered my defenses and crushed my pre-conceived notions.

Or maybe it just goes to show how dense I normally am.

What brings this on?

The realization today on seeing a postage stamp with a female Disney villain that Cruella De Vil’s last name is “d’evil,” or in my case apparently, “duh! E-V-I-L!”

For what it’s worth, I always got the “Cruella” part.

All it took was the 1956 novel, the 1961 first Disney film version, three kids and god alone knows how many viewings later, so that those two long separated and lonely neurons in my skull could finally connect.


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One response to “A Little Slow

  1. Yeah… I got that the first time around. Other things passed me by. 😉

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