A Year Ago

Updating my calendar yesterday and I realized that it was August 9th last year that we flew to New York City, my first trip there.

We were in the city for seven full days and so far I’ve only gotten around to sharing the pictures from the first three of them.

Okay, so while part of that is due to the fact that I take a LOT of pictures, I think more of it has to do with the fact that between my real, day job and my real, nights/weekend job I’ve been busier than God. Oh, that and the overwhelming, existential dread of daily existence and now imminent threat of civilization-ending thermonuclear war brought on by the stupidity of the American electorate and the cunning of the Russian intelligence agencies.

Wait…did I use my outside voice for that last part?

So, assuming that we make it through the next year, I’ll try to get the NY, NY trip pictures all posted for the other four days of the trip by this time next year. Deal?


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