Four Days Out & Counting

Today we traveled, tonight we’re in Kansas City. It’s been a long day, despite the fact that the flights went as smoothly as any we’ve had in years. Even the baby we sat next to on the Las Vegas to Kansas City route was quiet and well-behaved.

On the one hand I was surprised to see that the eclipse doesn’t seem to be a huge deal here at first glance. The woman who checked us into the hotel barely seemed to know what we were talking about when she asked the obligatory, “So, what brings you to town?” question. The manager at the restaurant knew about it and was thinking of maybe going outside to watch it (they’re in the path of totality, but only for about twenty seconds) but maybe not.


On the other hand, I could hear other people on the plane talking about it and trying to get people interested and give them some good advice about watching it. So there are signs that my people are starting to invade the region.

Four days out and counting…

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