Three Days Out & Counting

This would be fantastic weather on Monday:

This, not so much, although very pretty:

This was a very cool place to visit, even worth the 3.5 hour drive each way from Kansas City:

Much more about it, of course, when I’ve got a few minutes to breathe. Which won’t be this weekend, I expect.

Interesting to note that even in Hutchison, KS, over 200 miles from Monday’s path of totality, and every ten to fifteen miles all the way there and back on the interstate highways, were electronic signs (the kind used in LA to warn of a freeway accident, closure, or Amber Alert) flashing, “Solar eclipse August 21st – Expect additional traffic.”

I’m not surprised to see that here, in or near the path of totality. But 200 miles away??!

Three days out and counting…

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