That Moment, September 5th Version

…when you realize that the primary reason you don’t just start primal screaming in the middle of your day (aside from the way it tends to freak out your office mates) is that you’re not sure you’ll be capable of stopping.

I know that it’s good that I’m not in Houston, still be underwater.

I know that it’s good that I’m not in Oregon, burning and choking on smoke.

I know that it’s good that I’m not in South Florida, looking down the barrel at the biggest, baddest hurricane in recorded history in the Atlantic.

I know that it’s good that I’m not in Bangladesh, where 41,000,000 (not a typo) have been affected by their worst flooding in history.

But some things still suck and make me want to build a pillow fort under my desk with a big bag of Oreos and M&Ms and a good book and hide there until it gets better.

Adults don’t get to do that.

Or so I’m told.

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One response to “That Moment, September 5th Version

  1. Yeah. I’ve stopped watching the news now. There is only so much a human brain can take. I’m finding it hard to write fiction, because, y’know, truth is so much stranger. I must work on updating my disaster plan, though. I’ve been putting it off.
    There’s a reason it’s called a security blanket and I think we all need one right now.


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