Where Can I Find A Six-Pack Of This?

I love the sentiment – couldn’t find this at either Costco or at the Liquor Barn, although it might be under a slightly different label at the latter.

Either way, it occurs to me that it’s not just “they” that are trying to do this. Even when we don’t have people in power like we currently have “people” in power, the tiny little things in the day can add up, from the ridiculous to the sublime. (Or vice versa.)

The secret is to find that aforementioned magical elixir.

We must be doing it, most of us at least. We still get up tomorrow and somehow get out the door and try again.

But it would be nice if every now and then it was a little bit easier than the day before. That proverbial “one step forward” after what feels like so many steps back and sideways.

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One response to “Where Can I Find A Six-Pack Of This?

  1. I saw that tweet in your sidebar yesterday and ‘hearted’ it. Yep, we have to keep fighting, even if I do have to rationed my news watching for my sanity’s sake.

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