Noisy Visitor

My usual Saturday out at the CAF SoCal hangar in Camarillo. We had a somewhat rare and unusual visitor on the ramp.

A great-great-grandchild of sorts to our PT-19 trainer and the SNJ trainer that followed, the T-45 trainer is used today to teach naval aviators how to fly jets.

It says “Navy” on this side and “Marines” on the other – same difference to a certain extent, both are “naval aviators” and trained to take off and land from aircraft carriers. Note the launch hook sticking out from the front of the nose wheel, and the retracted tailhook at the rear. The T-45 is what today’s naval aviator is flying when he or she does his or her first carrier landings.

This would be a fun ride! I wouldn’t even need to be in the front seat!

There’s a whole bunch of “remove before flight” flags while it’s parked.

Not just for show, eventually they had to leave to go back to El Centro where they’re based.

Up close and personal, it’s really, really loud! (Video tomorrow if I get a few minutes to clean it up and edit a bit.)



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2 responses to “Noisy Visitor

  1. Thanks for the fourth pic showing the spiky whatsit joined on. I always wondered how they did that, and whether they wanted a really smooth transition – obviously not!

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    • “Spiky Whatsit” is the name of my new Johnny Rotten Ska tribute band! (For reference, it’s the pitot static tube – air entering the tube feeds instruments to determine air speed. It sticks out there like that on a small fighter in order to be out in the calm, non-turbulent air ahead of the aircraft. On a simpler, slower aircraft like a Cessna, it’s a little L-shaped tube under the wing.0

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